Gut Instinct

Gut Instinct Booch at the gorgeous Woolgoolga Headland.

Booch on Tap

Gut Instinct has an increasing number of amazing stockists offering our delicious Zingy Booch and Passion Booch on tap to provide better value to our customers via these refill stations.
Gut Instinct Booch on Tap locations:
2 Be Nourished (Grafton)
Bluebottles Brasserie (Woolgoolga)
Beach Bums Cafe (Forster)
Dark Alley Cafe (Wauchope)
Emerald Beach General Store
Full Circle Health (Caringbah)
Go Vita Armidale

Go Vita Forster
Go Vita Narellan
Go Vita Park Beach Plaza (Coffs Harbour)
Go Vita Port Macquarie
Ground Earth Cafe (Woolgoolga)
Kombu Wholefoods (Bellingen)
New Breed MMA Yoga & Natural Fitness (Coffs Harbour)
Nourish Biomart Health (Leichhardt)
One Fine Cup (Yamba)
Quality Discount Vitamins (Port Macquarie)
Sanbox Cafe (Flynn's Beach, Port Macquarie)
The Vale Cafe (Moss Vale)

For a full list of stockists, see right or visit our stockists page.

Benefits of Consuming fermented products

Improved digestion
(due to the billions of probiotics or good bacteria)
Alleviate addictions

(cravings for alcohol and/or sugary foods and drinks will basically disappear!)
Weight loss

(digestive system becomes far more efficient)
Increased energy
Increased stamina
(great for workouts!)
Vitamins, minerals and enzymes
(absorbed more efficiently)
Boosts immunity

Be Healthy. Be Active. Be Happy.

NOW is the time to start following YOUR gut instinct
and lead the life you’ve always desired.

Do what is right for you.

What is the most important thing in your life?
Building a business?
These aspects of our lives are irrelevant without our health.
There are many facets of health, but there are 2 vital areas that enable us to build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Physical fitness
(what we do with our bodies)
(what we put in our bodies)

Along with regular aerobic exercise, we believe that
kombucha tea and a variety of other fermented foods
are integral to leading healthy lifestyle.

Not only do we use "real food" in our everyday lives here at Gut Instinct, but we only use the finest quality ingredients when creating all of our products.
We stand behind our products 100% and
consume them on a daily basis.
Our passion for health leads us to create products that are readily available for you to enjoy and they will also contribute to your overall health and well-being today and into the future. 

Click here to learn more about our
product range.
To find out where you can purchase
your favourite Gut Instinct Booch,
here is a list of our

Be Happy

So what are you waiting for?

Get out there and...

Be healthy. Be Active. Be happy.

Lead by example

Quite simply, we practice what we preach!
Are you ready to change the way you live?
Do you want to become fitter and healthier?
Do you have overall health goals that you are finding challenging to achieve?

Well now is the time to start following your gut instinct and start participating in life.

Are you into paleo, love eating dehydrated products as a healthy snack, or regularly consume fermented products?
Do you want to get more out of workouts and provide your body with the most optimum fuel to maximise the benefits you receive from your exercise regime?
Do you love to tantalize your tastebuds with delicious and nutritious foods and drinks, such as kombucha or sauerkraut?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!


Originating in ancient China, Kombucha is known as
"the immortal elixir of youth".
Laboratory-tested by Advanced Analytical Australia, Gut Instinct Kombucha is brewed using a blend of fair trade, organic tea and
Australian cane sugar.
We use only the finest quality ingredients to create our
probiotic - rich "Booch".
We use local, organic produce wherever possible.
Along with a variety of other fermented products,
kombucha forms an
integral part of a
healthy, active and happy lifestyle.

& Events

Bellingen Markets
Curryfest (Woolgoolga)
Lions Club Fair (Port)
Lions Clubs Fair (Valla)
Yamba River Markets


Go Vita
*On Tap*

5 Church Street
Black Bear Cafe
Fullers Fresh
Hearthfire Bakery
Kombu Wholefoods
* On Tap *
The Purple Carrot 

Full Circle Health
* On Tap *

Coffs Harbour
Affordable Wholefoods
Big Country Meats
Coffs Coast Crossfit
Go Vita Coffs Central
Go Vita Park Beach Plaza
* On Tap *
New Breed MMA
* On Tap *

Emerald Beach
General Store
* On Tap *

Go Vita
* On Tap *
Beach Bums Cafe
* On Tap *

2 Be Nourished
* On Tap *
Go Vita

Go Vita

Kempsey Bulk Health Foods
L-Bo Butchery

Nourish Biomart Health
* On Tap *

Go Vita Health Shop
* On Tap *

Port Macquarie
Go Vita
* On Tap *
Quality Discount Vitamins
* On Tap *
Sandbox Cafe
* On Tap *

Go Vita
* On Tap *

Toormina / Sawtell

Go Vita Toormina
* On Tap *
Hearthfire Bakery
Open Air Picnics
Surf Club Cafe
Village Takeaway
63 First Ave

Boardwalk Cafe
Liberty Providores

Valla Beach
The Beach House Café

Dark Alley Coffee
* On Tap *

Bluebottles Brasserie
* On Tap *
Mitre 10
Ground Earth
* On Tap *
Tango Juice Bar

One Fine Cup
* On Tap *

Click here for more information on our Raw Organic Kombucha