What is Gut Instinct all about?

We are all about providing you with the tools for following YOUR gut instinct and doing what is right for you.
I believe that my family and I are very fit and healthy (touch wood!) and that our overall health and fitness is the cornerstone of leading happy, balanced and successful lives. As such, I want to share with you some of the tools and products that have helped myself and my family and friends become the best versions of ourselves possible.

So go ahead and explore wherever your intuition guides you…

Some of you may want to learn more about the benefits of aerobic exercise, or Kombucha or dehydrated foods, or any of the other tools you'll find here - The choice is yours!
Today could be the beginning of a new chapter in your life, where you begin leading an active, healthy and happy life.

My amazing mum has a great saying, which is:

“You continue to be a sceptic, and I’ll continue to be healthy.”

Most visitors to this site will also have a passion for leading an active and healthy lifestyle, so if that’s you, then fantastic, have fun exploring!

If your health isn’t as great as it could be, you can now choose to explore Gut Instinct and find some information showing you some way you can improve your overall health and wellbeing...

Or you can continue on your current path and click out to some other site.
Trust your gut and do what’s right for YOU!

I believe the trick is to do the right thing most of the time, and its ok to indulge a little.
My brothers and I have been extremely fortunate to have been shown the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle since we were the active little fellas (not to mention posers!) you see on the right.

I don’t profess to have a degree in food science or have years of experience fermenting foods, nor have I ever been certified as a personal trainer, but everything on this site is what my family and / or I practice every single day.

Yes, you will find individuals that have a greater knowledge than me about all manner of scientific information regarding our health or fitness, from our optimum heart rate when exercising, to the science of fermented foods, but the aim of ‘Gut Instinct’  is not to bombard you with a whole bunch of hard-to-understand facts and figures...

What Gut Instinct is not about?

We are not about telling you what you should do!

We are not going to fill these pages with a huge amount of jargon that you don’t understand to try to make us look smart.

We love hearing what works for you, and we share what works for us… We don’t believe in following the opinions or directives of others blindly, but doing what we (& others) have experienced works, in terms of leading a healthy, active & happy life.

I wish you every success, health and happiness on your journey and hope that Gut Instinct provides you with at least one tool that can help you improve your health or fitness.

If you have a success story, or any feedback about the information or products on this site, please drop us a line and share your thoughts about all things health, fitness and ferments.

Follow YOUR gut instinct and live life to the fullest!



After a surf with my former partner Somy, who helped me start Gut Instinct.

Mum & I in front of
Mum & Dad's beautiful home.

My brothers & I as
fit and active young fellas.