Recycled Beer Bottles

So why is it that we like to use recycled beer bottles here at

That’s a great question, and while I would love to get all “airy-fairy” and say how much I love the Earth and I use only recycled items in everything I do, and I chain myself to trees to stop them getting cut down, well that is only partly true.

Yes, here at Gut Instinct we are conscious of our impact on the environment, which is one of the main reasons that we use recycled bottles to hold our delicious and nutritious booch.
The other reason is that it saves both you and me money!

The issue with using recycled containers is that they must be thoroughly cleansed and sterilized.
Gut Instinct Booch bottles go through our rigorous, 5-step cleaning and sanitizing process to ensure they are safe for all to consume. This takes time. And guess what? That’s right! Time is the only commodity that we can’t “get back”, so while it doesn’t cost us any of those little pieces of paper with numbers on them, it does take a fair amount of time.

Anybody who has enjoyed our delicious booch would know that it not only tastes great when drunk straight from our recycled beer bottles, but no other “baddies” are leached into the beverage, which can be a concern when using other materials to bottle a fermented beverage.

Does recycling a few beer bottles
really make a difference?

Think about the amount of bottles that would be emptied into landfill every single day! Think about it in terms of your own household alone. Multiply the number of empty bottles consumed per day by 365 (days per year). This is a pretty big number right? So how about if you were to multiply this number by a few million (the approximate number of households in Australia), and you have a huge number of beer bottles being consumed every day.

These bottles must go somewhere, and thankfully many of us these days put our empties in the recycling bin, which is fantastic! The problem with this is that this glass is melted down and then “re-made” into various glass products. And guess what? Yep, this process all takes energy – lots more than the little bit of water, cleanser and steriliser that is used to prepare our recycled bottles for you to enjoy your very own yummy Gut Instinct Booch, whether
Raw, organic Booch,
Zingy Booch,
Fruity Booch,
Passionfruit Booch, or
Coffee Booch

In fact, “Clean up Australia” states:
"Recyclable material makes up almost 80% of total household waste in Australia, so every item recycled is one less to be buried in our rapidly filling landfills.
What’s more – glass takes one million years to break down naturally. This means that every piece of glass that has ever been sent to landfill is still sitting there – taking up valuable space."

Food for thought, and a good enough reason for us to recycle as many beer bottles as we possibly can…

Hopefully you feel the same way too!

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