Benefits of Daily Exercise

Most of us understand the benefits of daily exercise, and for anyone who is in the habit of exercising on a daily basis, they not only understand the benefits, but more importantly feel them too!

For anyone out there reading this would know that at Gut Instinct, we are all about doing what is right for YOU.
Make no mistake, we do also have a product range, and hope to sell these products in order to make a living, but we are also here to help you. If you’ve tried some of our products, you would also know that they provide you with benefits – which would vary from individual to individual.

So what are the benefits of daily exercise?

If you aren’t engaged in daily exercise, you may be sitting there wondering what the point of doing some daily exercise is – wait…

If you’re reading this, then you probably exercise daily anyway!

In all seriousness, we often forget what the most important thing is, and most of us even take it for granted. Some people may disagree (which is fine), but when it all boils down to it, the most important thing that we can ever possess is our health.
One of our mantras here at Gut Instinct is “health is wealth”.

“Come on!”
I hear you say – it’s got to be money, or family, or the perfect job, or any other number of things that people highly value. But I would ask that you think about it for a moment…

What happens if you
don’t have your health?

As daunting as it sounds, in the most extreme case, we die. That’s right, if our health deteriorates enough, we die.

So how can we enhance our health, and give ourselves the best possible chance of leading a healthy and happy life?

Yes, there are many secondary aspects to leading a happy, successful and fulfilling life, but the 2 unquestionably most important things are:

  1. What we do with our bodies (ie, exercise)
  2. What we put into our bodies (ie, diet)

There are many benefits of a healthy diet.
Some of the benefits of daily exercise include;

Increased self-esteem – exercise releases endorphins, which makes us feel good. This leads to all kinds of benefits, not least of all the improvement of our relationships with others.

Decreased likelihood of almost all diseases – from cancer, to heart disease and diabetes.

Positive body image – and indeed an improved physique.

Physical fitness – Allows us to participate in the activities that we like to enjoy, from a walk on the beach, to mountain-biking or surfing.

These are some of the benefits of daily exercise that we see and feel here at, but why don’t you share some of the ways that your life benefits from daily exercise.