Benefits of Drinking Water

Isn’t it amazing to think how much we have learnt about the benefits of drinking water in terms of our overall health!

It was only a generation ago that we would go to school with maybe a small “popper” or “fruit box” to drink for the entire day, and we would drink out of the “bubbler” (or water fountain) during our breaks – and this seemed to be enough to “keep us going”.

We now know, as a result of such wonderful advances in technology and various research, which our body relies on a consistent supply of water to function at its optimum level.

As our body is made up of around 70% water, it is vital that all of our major organs have an adequate supply of water in order to function.

Aside from feeling the benefits of drinking water, we’ve all felt the negative effects of not providing our systems with enough water. If you have ever had “sun-stroke” or a bad hangover, I’m sure you’ll recall the physical symptoms of your brain being starved of hydration – that’s right, a terrible head ache!

Some of the other effects which we may not feel, but are certainly reducing our ability to function properly include reduced kidney function and digestive issues.

So what are the benefits of drinking water?

Aside from oxygen, water is the most essential element needed for our survival. So while we can only last a matter of minutes without oxygen, we do have a bit longer without water – but it is still only a matter of days! So if you become severely dehydrated, your body basically begins to shut down.

The amount of water that you need to drink varies greatly, depending on your sex, weight / height, along with other factors such as weather and the amount of perspiration you are doing. It is however recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.

But the major benefits of drinking water are that your body functions at it’s optimum level, and it contributes to you being in a better mood than if you are dehydrated.

I want you to think back to a time when you were severely dehydrated. Maybe you over-indulged in alcohol the night before...
Maybe you spent a day out in the hot sun without drinking enough water...

It doesn't feel very nice does it?
This is due to the simple fact that we are made up of around two-thirds water and our organs just don't function properly without adequate water - and feeling bad as a result of dehydration is your bodies way of telling you it needs water.

So go and grab a glass of fresh water and give your body the fuel that it requires.


While it is interesting to note that kombucha tea and kefir drink(s) most certainly have positive effects on these two bodily functions, these fermented drinks are powerful detoxifiers, and therefore additional water must be consumed when we are drinking these products.

There are also other foods and drinks that have a “draining effect” on the moisture content in our bodies, including caffeine
(including coffee kombucha) and dehydrated foods.

When we consume any of these kinds of products, we must ensure that we drink even greater amounts of water than usual, to ensure that our bodies function at the optimum level.