Benefits of Good Bacteria

So what are these micro-organisms and what are the benefits of good bacteria?

Good bacteria are known as “Probiotics”, which are showing up in all kinds of foods and beverages and the big pharmaceuticals have most certainly jumped on the bandwagon to pump out all manner of pills, capsules and supplements.

So where have these beneficial bacteria been all this time? Have probiotics just been discovered?

We’d like to think that some genius out there has recently discovered these little goodies, but probiotics have been around for a while – since the dawn of time, in fact!

The explosion is mainly due to the greater understanding of the benefits of probiotics as flaunted by the media
(and maybe even the aforementioned
multi-national pharmaceuticals).

So what are the benefits of good bacteria?

Simply put, these micro-organisms are the little workers that keep our gut healthy. There are literally trillions of bacteria throughout our bodies, and the majority of these are found in our digestive tract
(aka, our “gut”).

Thankfully, we get to choose what we feed our very own workforce!

And the best way to describe what is going on in our gut is like a battle between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria, and with every single thing we consume, we are choosing which side grows and develops.
Unfortunately, us humans have begun to consume more and more stuff that resembles food less and less (ie, highly processed, modified products that are packed full of, amongst other things, sugar).

This stuff that people think is food is feeding the bacteria – but it doesn’t feed the good bacteria (or probiotics), it feeds the baddies.

So what are the benefits of probiotics, and consuming them (whether in foods, drinks, pills or supplements)? We are strengthening the “goodies”.

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What does all this mean for me?

When our good bacteria begins overcoming the bad bacteria, our gut health improves. Improved gut health has been said to lead to all kinds of wonderful health benefits, ranging from the reasonably obvious improved digestion, to a healthier immune system (which is based in our gut), to greater brain function and all manner of other benefits.

The gut is being touted by many as “The new brain” and plays a huge role in our overall health.

Click on the image below to check out a succinct, six-minute presentation about how gut health effects the brain, by well-respected neurobiologist Elaine Hsiao:

Click here to find out how gut health effects the brain

Yes, Elaine is an expert, but as we always say here at Gut Instinct, this site is not about feeding you facts and figures -  rather trusting YOUR own gut instinct and discovering the benefits of good bacteria for yourself!

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