Coffee Kombucha

We thought the name Coffee Kombucha was a little boring, and because here at Gut Instinct we believe that you aren’t a true Aussie unless you have a nickname, we believe the name “Booch” is far cooler.

Like all the different flavours of Gut Instinct Booch, our Coffee Booch is based on raw, organic Kombucha SCOBYs, which are nourished with only the finest ingredients.
We feed our SCOBYs only organic tea and Australian cane sugar (almost entirely consumed by the SCOBY), to ensure we produce a delicious, tangy beverage that is known as the “immortal elixir of youth”.

Photo courtesy of Kopi Luwak Direct 

What is Coffee Kombucha?

We flavour our Coffee Kombucha with 100% dark roasted Arabica Coffee.

Our coffee is made using only the finest, freshly ground Expresso beans, dark roasted, with a hint of caramel.

Our Coffee Booch is “rich and refreshing”

What are the benefits?

Quite simply, kombucha is great for your gut!

Among many positive effects, some of which have been proven, others we have seen and experienced, include:

  • Contain billions of probiotics
  • Detoxify & cleanse
  • Alleviate addictions
  • Boost immunity
  • Taste greats
  • Improve digestion
  • Increase absorption of
    vitamins, minerals & enzymes

Its a Living Thing!

Because Gut Instinct Booch is a “living thing”, it continually evolves and changes, even once bottled.


You may be lucky & get a little “floaty”.
This is a baby SCOBY & it’s packed full of PROBIOTICS – Enjoy!


Your Gut Instinct Kombucha must remain refrigerated!
Why is this?
As it is a living thing, it will continue to ferment, particularly if not refrigerated. This means that it will become a more “vinegary” flavour, and also create a lot more carbonation.
While this fermentation does still continue in your refrigerator, the speed at which it occurs is far slower, and therefore can be kept for a long period of time.

Best Before Labels

We put a “best before” on each bottle because it is a legal requirement.

Kombucha won’t spoil. It will become a more “vinegary” flavour, and slowly gain more carbonation, the older it gets.

We also have a “warning” on each bottle, advising to “consume within 3 days”.
The reason for this is because, just like if you were to open a bottle of any carbonated beverage and consume it 3 days later, it probably wouldn’t taste great – and we want Gut Instinct Booch to taste the way it was intended – fresh and delicious!

Don't Shake!

There is also a warning on each bottle saying “don’t shake”.
The reason for this is the same reason you wouldn’t shake (or even invert) any carbonated beverage – because it will create greater carbonation (and pressure within the vessel) and could quite easily create your very own “mini-fountain”!

Other Flavours

We hope you love your Coffee Booch as much as we do!

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