Health is Wealth

Do you believe that "health is wealth"?

Upon first thoughts, many people may be tempted to choose monetary wealth over their health, but in reality,
life an be extremely difficult or painful without health.

Just about the only thing that money can’t buy in this world is our health...
although to some extent, this is becoming somewhat possible!

How often do we see wealthy people lying on their deathbeds lamenting having not earned (or saved) that extra million bucks? I’m guessing “not very often"!

While I have not yet been in this unfortunate position
(thankfully, touch wood!), but I’m guessing that given the choice, anyone on their deathbed would give back all of their wealth to have their health again.

What does this tell us?

Firstly, it might just be a good idea to look after our health and well-being!

Why, because without question, health is wealth.

For those of us who live a happy, active, fit and healthy lifestyle, it’s extremely rewarding and fulfilling to be able to have the CHOICE to actually PARTICIPATE in life, and indeed live life to the fullest!

Life without health simply isn't livin'!

Spend a few minutes just thinking about what life would be like if you didn’t have your health…
It’s difficult to do this when you are fit and healthy, as we tend to take our health for granted.
But think back to a time when you have broken a limb, or been struck down with a virus, or suffered an unbearable migraine.
It’s not much fun is it!

Now I would like you to think about what life may be like if you were to have this condition
(the one you just imagined) permanently?
Maybe you know someone close to you who is permanently incapacitated in some way (or are able to imagine the situation yourself).
Maybe it’s a spinal injury, a chronic and / or debilitating disease or a disability of some other kind… And I have absolutely no doubt that while many of these individuals have overcome immense challenges and often lead fulfilling lives, given the CHOICE, they would almost all choose health over wealth. Some people do not have the choice to change that particular area of health, and while they may have excellent health in other areas of their lives, there is always that area that cannot be “cured”.

Make "Health is Wealth"
your new mantra

Look after yourself.
Always aim to improve your physical, emotional, spiritual and emotional health and never take it for granted.

Why? Because without a shadow of a doubt,
health is wealth.