Healthy Living Tips

This is my dad, and he lives by many of the Healthy living tips
shared throughout this site.
How would you like to look like this when you're almost 70 years of age?

I am so fortunate to be able to surf with dad (whenever the surf’s up) and am privileged to have had such an amazing role model in creating, developing and enhancing overall health and well-being.

How we look, think and feel inevitably comes down to
one thing:
How we treat ourselves.

My family and I practice many of the Healthy Living Tips outlined below.
Do you practice aerobic exercise and stretching or are you involved in a regular crossfit workout?

Do you enjoy the benefits of good bacteria and drink plenty of water on a daily basis?

Share your Healthy Living Tips

Considering you’re reading this page, I’m going to assume that you practice many of the Healthy living Tips provided here. Maybe you have some awesome tips that you’d like to share with everyone. If so, please submit them here, and don’t worry, we’ll be sure to acknowledge your input into helping others become the best version of themselves possible.

What do you think about the Food Guide Pyramid?
Do you believe it should be followed closely?
Do you think it is out-dated?

How do you structure or plan your diet?
We are all different and our bodies respond differently to different diets, but I have included an image of the "traditional food pyramid" so that we can remind ourselves that a good diet does take some planning and a little effort and commitment.

We must be aware that all information should not be taken as gospel, and there is innumerable reports, articles, websites etc, all claiming different things about what we should be putting into our bodies - To see the huge variety of (conflicting) information out there, simply search "food pyramid (insert country here)" to find out how many variations there actually are!
Oh and by the way, each and every one of the people or businesses who created each of these "food pyramids" (or diet plans) believe that theirs is the best one out there!

While we do believe there are certain “rules” that we should all follow in terms of consuming a healthy diet, we are all different and you need to listen to your body and do what is right for you.

Disclaimer: We are by no means spruiking the benefits or saying that the pyramid below is the way to go.
Thanks dreamstime for the image!

Eat Real Food!

While some may believe that we are a little extreme when it comes to our healthy diet, we believe that the benefits of good nutrition can’t be understated.
Something that we do focus on is eating actual food!

If you take just one piece of advice from exploring today, let it be to eat more real food.
Anything that is wrapped in plastic is probably not "real food"
(and that even includes the chloride-soaked, deliciously bright looking lettuce you find in cellophane at your local supermarket).

 Packaged goods that you purchase from the supermarket are not real food. It is processed food and contains very little, if any nutrients. Studies have actually shown that the boxes of certain breakfast cereals actually contain more nutrition than the cereal itself!

This is an example of one of the delicious meals we might eat – with at least 10 different foods!

It’s all about how much your life benefits from the choices that you make from day-to-day and moment-to-moment.

We urge you to check out some of our healthy living tips and follow your gut instinct and see what works for you.

The choice is yours!