“Probiotics” is undoubtedly the latest buzzword and we are bombarded with information about these little goodies wherever we look.

I’m guessing that, unless you live on the outskirts of Timbuktoo, you’ll have seen or heard the word probiotics in the past 24 hours.

It’s funny you know, because here at Gut Instinct, we use the words “Pro” and “Biotic” as part of our business logo and as is the case with the majority of the population, we weren’t aware of the literal meaning of the words “pro” and “biotic”.
The probable reason for this is because as we normally see it as a single word “probiotic”.
We see this word in every form of media imaginable and it is popping up more and more on the supermarket shelves, so we naturally associate that word with what the major advertising companies have led us to believe what it means.

What does the word
"probiotics" actually mean?

When broken down into it’s 2 parts, the words literally mean:

Pro = For

Biotic = Life

This is the term is used when describing the good bacteria that probiotic supplements and cultured foods provide us – because these microorganisms do indeed provide life – they colonize and multiply, and assist us in maintaining our digestive health.

If you hadn’t already worked it out, the word antibiotic means:

Anti = Against

Biotic = Life

That’s right – antibiotics are used to kill the bad bacteria that are causing issues within our systems. Have you ever noticed how you are far more likely to have an upset stomach / issues related to digestive health after a dose of antibiotics? That’s because while this medical marvel has killed off what has caused the digestive issues, they aren’t actually that smart, and they also kill off all of the good bacteria too! This upsets the balance of our gut, and needs to be helped to get back into balance.

What about the gut-brain connection

It stands to reason that everything that we consume (and therefore passes through our digestive system (or "gut")
will impact on all other aspects of our health.

Think about it for a moment - How do you feel when you consume too much alcohol or some kind of "unhealthy" or "junk" food?
That's right, we feel sluggish and often (if not always) it negatively affects our mental well-being too!

If you'd like to learn more about how the microbiome affects the brain ad behaviour, check out this succinct,
6 minute presentation by Elaine Hsiao
"Elaine Hsiao is a postdoctoral fellow in chemistry and biology at Caltech. She received her undergraduate degree in microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics from UCLA and her doctoral degree in neurobiology from Caltech." (

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How do I get my gut health back in balance?

In our opinion, we have 2 options for getting our gut health back into balance:

  1. Take a probiotic supplement
  2. Eat and drink more cultured or fermented products

As most of us are aware, a pill is never as good as the real thing, and along with providing a huge range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and of course, good bacteria in the NATURAL FORM, consuming fermented products allows these little goodies to be digested and utilized by our bodies far more efficiently than if we were to take a pill.

Who has a healthy gut?

You may have noticed that people who tend to
consume a lot of cultured products
(eg, kombucha, kefir, cultured vegetables etc)
tend to have far less “gut” issues.

In actual fact, this is the very reason that I decided to start ‘Gut Instinct’.

After living with my beautiful Korean partner, Somy and her parents, and consuming their yummy kimchi, soy-paste soup (like miso) and various other fermented products, I could see and feel the
benefits of probiotics, and wanted to share that with the world!

We are passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and along with providing quality products that are created with high quality ingredients and are packed full of probiotics, we encourage everyone to have a go at creating their very own cultured products.

If you have success on your journey into the world o
fermented foodsor drinks, or need a helping hand on your journey, please contact us and share your thoughts and experiences!