Gut Instinct Products

Gut Instinct products are created using only the finest quality ingredients. Wherever possible, we use local and organic produce to create the tastiest and most probiotic-rich booch around.
Passion and Zingy Booch are available
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The Gut Instinct range includes;
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All Gut Instinct products have been created to contribute to and enhance the health of all who consume them.

Our kombucha tea is fermented in a climate-controlled environment which is free from outside contamination.

We use only the finest quality ingredients to provide our amazing SCOBYs with the best possible fuel for them to grow, flourish, and of course, provide awesome Booch!

We use only filtered water, along with a mix of organic fair trade teas (NOT tea essences!) and Australian cane sugar.

We flavour our booch with a variety of produce, which is sourced locally and most often organic.
Much of the produce we even grow ourselves!

Because we use REAL tea and REAL juices (from actual ginger, lime, passionfruit), our products vary from bottle to bottle and batch to batch.
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Here at Gut Instinct, we seriously love our SCOBYs.

Not only do we "feed" these legends the best possible ingredients, and keep them in a climate-controlled, contaminant-free environment, but we also play music to them, and send them good vibes on a daily basis!
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Where can I purchase
Gut Instinct products?

For wholesale inquiries, please contact us.

We have a whole range of awesome outlets and events where you can find Gut Instinct Booch, from Forster in the south, to Grafton in the north and Armidale to the west.


Some of our "early bottles and labels" on Beautiful Woolgoolga Beach.