Benefits of Probiotics

The many benefits of probiotics contained in fermented products has led to a huge increase in popularity in these delicious and nutritious products.

The word probiotics originates from 2 words:

Pro (= For)

Biotic (= Life)

So, "probioitics" means “For Life”.
This is, funnily enough, the opposite of antiobiotics (which are injected or consumed by us, or animals, to kill all off the bad bacteria, which often make us sick).

Quite simply, probiotics are good bacteria. They are living things that provide us with all kinds of benefits, and are becoming more readily available every day in “synthetic” forms.

They are however available in abundance in fermented products.

Below is a cool illustration that we could show our children to give them an idea of the good bacteria that ferments provide us.

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Where did it all begin?

Fermented products have been part of daily life in many Asian and European societies for many centuries, and while there has been little scientific research conducted in English-speaking countries exploring the benefits of fermented products, there was research conducted in Germany and Russia early in the 1900’s, by Russian nobel-prize winner, Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
Solzhenitsyn claimed that kombucha tea cured his stomach cancer during his time in Soviet labor camps. It is believed that President Reagan used kombucha to successfully cure his own cancer in 1987, as a result of Solzhenitysm’s testimony. President Reagan used Kombucha to halt the spread of his cancer in 1987. Reagan eventually died from old age in 2004, NOT from cancer!
The research conducted was mainly on what was known as “tea kvass”, which is what we would know as kombucha or kambucha. While the research was unfortunately halted due to the Cold War, it was found that this “tea kvass” seemingly led to an immunity to cancer in many areas of Russia during that time. The research also began to explore what it was exactly in the “tea kvass” that was so beneficial.

Some scientific jargon

While it was not confirmed by the abovementioned research, some of the probiotics that are contained within fermented foods and fermented drinks, which may we have been what these Russian scientists were searching for include;

  • Gluconacetobacter
  • Acetobacter
  • Lactobacillus
  • Zygosaccharomyces

There is an increasing amount of scientific-based evidence demonstrating the many benefits of probiotics.

One such article, written by the amazing Annalies Corse BMedSc, BHSc, describes the importance of "gut health".
The article was published by the mindd foundation, which is also a wealth of knowledge.

Figure One (from Ms Corse' article):
The Human Microbiome. Source:
NB: You can follow the link to the article to explore greater information contained within the original image.

What are the Benefits of Probiotics?

Some of the many benefits of these probiotics include;

  • Powerful Detoxifiers
    This detoxification allows us to have a healthy liver and is also said to aid cancer prevention.
    NB: Due to their powerful detoxifying effects, people must ensure they keep their water intake up when consuming fermented products, particularly kombucha).
  • Improve digestive (gut) health.
    The “living things” (colony of good bacteria and yeast, known as probiotics) that enter our bodies when we consume fermented products, provide us with all kinds of benefits, including improved digestion, helping prevent candida, mental clarity and even a “mood booster”.
    The media and some people in the medical industry are touting that “The Gut is the new Brain” – so that’s how important many people view the health of the digestive system!
    And what better way to ensure you have a healthy gut, than through consuming delicious fermented products.
  • Alcohol desire decrease
    This positive effect is not often reported, but since consuming fermented productson a consistent, daily basis, I have virtually no desire to consume alcohol.
    For anybody that has ever known me, you will understand that this is quite unusual.
    I have also seen this effect in friends, family and extended family, on various levels.
    This may be scary for some, but go ahead, give it a try and see all the benefits of probiotics for yourself, and let us know what you discover!

Are you feeling the benefits of probiotics in your daily life?

I urge you to combine a probiotic-rich diet with an active lifestyle and live life to the fullest!