Kombucha / Raspberry Ice Blocks

Who doesn’t love ice blocks?

Here at www.your-gut-instinct.com, not only do we manufacture and sell delicious and nutritious booch and various other products, we have also created some yummy and healthy, probiotic-rich booch blocks.

What’s the problem with most ice confectionary that we purchase?
Well it certainly isn’t the sweetness of them – because they are all packed full of sweetness! Why are these frozen treats so sweet? You guessed it – it’s because of the high levels of sugar in them!

After lots of research and testing
(yeh, taste-testing, of course :-) )
Gut Instinct has created some of the most
yummy and healthy ice blocks ever to hit the market.

That’s right! We have combined our probiotic-rich booch with natural sweeteners (locally-grown berries) to create some products that are not only a treat for the entire family, but also provide all the
benefits of probiotics.

How do Gut Instinct Ice Blocks compare?

So why would I consume a Gut Instinct Booch Block rather than some other ice confectionary or ice cream?

Firstly, Gut Instinct Booch Blocks contain
less than half the amount of sugar
than the nearest competitor in the ice confectionary market.
Almost all other ice confectionaries available within Australia
contain over four (4) times the amount of sugar contained in
Gut Instinct Booch Blocks.

How much sugar do
Gut Instinct Booch Blocks contain?

Unlike your usual commercial products in the ice-cream aisle, Gut Instinct Booch Blocks are not only probiotic-rich, but contain
only 5g of sugar per 100ml.

This is less than half of the nearest "competitor"
(which contains 10.5g / 100ml)
and over one-quarter that of some ice confectionary available
(which contain up to 22g of sugar per 100ml!)

What about the probiotics?

All Gut Instinct's products are probiotic-rich.

Our Booch Blocks are no exception and also contain
billions of beneficial bacteria.
Freezing these little goodies slows them down, but don’t worry, they’re still in there! Along with a whole range of claims out there, the probiotics in Booch Blocks;

  • Improve digestion
  • Boost energy
  • Provide a healthy immune system

So if you want a yummy and healthy desert,
wrap your laughing gear around some
delicious and nutritious Gut Instinct Booch Blocks!

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