Kombucha SCOBY

A kombucha SCOBY is an anagram for a
“Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast”.

Yes, it is a living thing, and while it has the looks only a mother would love, this amazing colony of living things create all sorts of goodies for us when we feed them with a sweet tea solution.

A SCOBY is also known as a “mother”
(maybe because it gives birth to “baby SCOBYs”) and can best be described as looking like a jelly fish, ranging in colour from white through to a brownish colour.

What we get when we allow our SCOBY to go to work on a “sweet tea” is kombucha tea.

If you’ve ever seen a kombucha SCOBY, you will know that the way it looks can vary quite a lot, and is also not an overly appetising looking “thing”.

While it is better to have a reasonable-sized SCOBY to begin brewing your very own kombucha tea, the size of the original SCOBY doesn’t matter, and will actually grow to the size of the container in which it lives (as outlined below).

How does a
Kombucha SCOBY "work"?

The SCOBY “consumes” the sugar that we feed it and not only multiplies in size and the amount of bacteria and yeast contained within itself, it also fills the yummy, tangy kombucha tea with all kinds of different strains of bacteria and yeasts, probiotics and enzymes.

As the SCOBY “consumes” the sugar, it is trying to form a “seal” over the top of the liquid, which is why you may start with quite a small SCOBY, and end up with a nice large, thick, healthy SCOBY that you will be proud to call your own.

The tea that we "feed" our SCOBY provide it with a varity of vitamins and minerals that are vital for maintaining a healthy SCOBY.

The vitamins and minerals will vary depending on the type of tea we use.

What about my babies?

Just like any living thing, it is really cool to watch your SCOBY grow as you care for, and nurture your own “little baby”. As your mother grows and grows, and produces babies of it’s own, you will soon have heaps of SCOBYs to do with what you please...
You can even share your babies with your friends and family – so hopefully they’ll stop wanting to drink your delicious kombucha tea and start making their own!

Kombucha SCOBY’s are full of goodies, and if yours “grow like weeds”, they have a myriad of uses, including making SCOBY candy, feed them to your (other) animals, mulched up in the garden, or even better, share the love and see which of your friends and family want a new baby!