Kombucha drink variations

Every raw, living kombucha drink that you consume will be different.

Many of the benefits of drinking kombucha come from the billions of good bacteria - which most of us know as probiotics.
Pasteurisation (heating of the product) kills the bacteria / microbes.
Some brands of kombucha pasteurise their product to increase shelf life and allow for unrefrigerated (and therefore cheaper) storage and transport. Pasteurised kombucha will always taste the same, which some people love, and it will never contain a SCOBY
(the little "floaty" that you will often find in your Gut Instinct Booch).
The amount and variety of probiotics varies in each batch of unpasteurised kombucha, along with the "potency" of the produce used to flavour Gut Instinct Booch,
which is why every bottle you drink will probably vary.
(See below for further explanations as to why raw kombucha varies).

When we observe the beauty in our world, we realise that it is the differences that make us special,
and this is undoubtedly a characteristic of raw kombucha
(along with the unique people and landscapes shown in the adjacent images)

The Kombucha story

Kombucha drink originated in ancient China, and the SCOBYs (symbiotic colonies of yeast and bacteria) throughout the world today are as many and varied as the different species of plants or animals.
The SCOBY is the “worker” in the kombucha, and while the ingredients play a large part in the final product (as outlined below), the SCOBY is indeed integral to the type of kombucha drink that is produced.
There are many factors that influence the types and amounts of yeast and bacteria in any given SCOBY, including:

  • The temperatures they have been exposed to
  • The level of oxygen they’re exposed to
  • How they are treated
  • Whether there are any “contaminants” in the environment or
  • Whether yeasts or bacteria are “artificially” introduced,
    among others.

Regardless of all of these factors, raw kombucha is a healthy, probiotic-rich beverage.

What about Gut Instinct Booch?

Obviously we have a unique bunch of SCOBYs that we care for and nourish, which will influence the final product that is produced here at Gut Instinct.

Our beverages also vary greatly, not only from
batch to batch, but even bottle to bottle.

There are a variety of reasons for these variations, including;

  • Gut Instinct is a hand-crafted
    brew and not a mass-produced,
    force-carbonated “soft drink”.
  • We use REAL products!
    The products we use vary. While we have "base recipes", we use what is seasonally available, and along with using different products, there can also be large variations within any given product.
    Ginger is a perfect example:
    Sometimes ginger has a very “strong” or "intense" flavour, while at other times it may have quite a mild flavour.
    We use real tea - We do not use essences of tea or artificial flavours.
  • The carbonation is created by the
    natural sugars in the products we use to flavour our Gut Instinct kombucha drink. We don’t add any additional sugar, nor do we force-carbonate.
    As such (as outlined above), the carbonation or effervescence may vary greatly, depending upon “strength” or “ripeness” of the fruits / vegetables used.
    This is the reason that our delicious
    raw, organic Booch and Coffee Booch
    have no real effervescence –
    They are both simply raw, organic Kombucha (and we add 100% Dark-Roasted Arabica Coffee, with no added sugar to our Coffee Booch).
  • Refrigeration
    While Gut Instinct Booch is brewed in a climate-controlled environment, the time taken for a brew to complete it's fermentation still varies.
    Also, the amount of time taken (once bottled) to carbonate each bottle can vary.

  • The amount of carbonation in each bottle will likely increase over time
    (even if refrigerated), due to the continued activity of the probiotics.
    As a result, a newly-bottled or “fresh” brew may contain less carbonation than an older brew.  

Just like observing the beauty that nature has to offer and experiencing a unique landscape on our beautiful Earth, we hope you love your Gut Instinct Booch as much as we do, and love the fact that the variation is a little surprise to delight your senses every time you open a bottle!

Is effervescence an indication of the quality of my kombucha drink?

While the fizz in your Gut Instinct Booch does make it extra yummy, and puts that extra zing into your
Zingy Booch,
it is not an indication of quality or potency.

The gorgeous and unique formations of Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam.